The MI Excel Statewide Field Team is dedicated to providing local districts, and the ISD/ESAs
who support them, with the intense support needed to assist them in systemic reconfiguration for the sole purpose of saving the lives of Michigan’s children. We are committed to this vision and will do whatever it takes to support district superintendents and their teams in this critical
endeavor to educate all children and to demonstrate to others that public education is viable and is capable, if it chooses to, of successfully serving all children in a culturally proficient
environment regardless of who they are, how they identify themselves, where they come from, or what type of family support they have or do not have.

Grant A. Chandler, Ph.D.

MI Excel Executive Director

Chris Parker

MI Excel Project Associate Director 

Katherin L. Mohney

MI Excel Project Associate Director 

Elizabeth Brophy

MI Excel Project Assistant Director 

Division of In-Field Installation

Coordinators of Professional Learning

Research and Evaluation

Stephen Best

MI Excel Coordinator of Research and Evaluation 

 Nora Evers, Ph.D.

MI Excel Coordinator of Research and Evaluation 

Technology and Communication



 Heather Y. Heitsch

MI Excel Coordinator of Technology and Communication


Julie Castle

Blueprint Production Specialist

 Michelle Quigley-Gomez

Blueprint Production Specialist


 Anne Bohl

MI Excel Coordinator of Operations

Cynthia Kelly

MI Excel Coordinator of Finance

Danielle Miller

Administrative Assistant

Materials presented on this Resource Center including the Online Warehouse were developed with Title I, Part A funds and are in the public domain.