Steven Curry, Michigan Department of Education

Heather Kowalski, COP ESD

Lynn Batchelder, Muskegon Area ISD, SWFT

Pamela English, SWFT

Alecia Hoppa, Muskegon Area ISD, SWFT

Kwame Stephens, SWFT

Beth Brophy, SWFT

Kathy Mohney, SWFT

Stephen Best, SWFT

Tanisha Brooks, SWFT

Julie Castle, SWFT

Dr. Grant Chandler, SWFT

Dr. Nora Evers, SWFT

Kendra Feldhusen, SWFT

Michelle Quigley-Gomez, SWFT

Bridget Schipper, SWFT

Heather Stanley, SWFT

Jamie Strauss, SWFT

Lori Pearson, SWFT

Sarah Scott, SWFT

Chelsee Strickland, SWFT

Chasity Sutton, Eastern UP ISD, SWFT

Angela Thomas-Jack, SWFT

Dr. Julie Haun-Frank, SWFT

Julie Farmer, SWFT

Turquoise Neal, SWFT

Chris Parker, SWFT

Melissa Hayes, SWFT

Heather Heitsch, SWFT

Cynthia Hunt, SWFT

Bruce Mangum, SWFT

Patricia McCalmont, SWFT

LeeAnn Moore, SWFT

Sarah Watson, SWFT

Lynda Wood, SWFT

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