The following educators are pursuing Blueprint Facilitator Certification and have successfully supported their districts in the completion of the Mechanical level of installation.  These individuals have demonstrated their theoretical expertise and have also demonstrated their ability to put theory into practice in a local district.  We commend these amazing educators as well as district leaders who disrupt the status quo and reconfigure their systems so that every child can be successful.

Penny Kentish-McWilliams, Beecher Community  Schools

Karen Stong, Genessee ISD, Beecher Community Schools

Joe Liberato, Calhoun ISD,  Bronson Community Schools 

Chasity Sutton, EUP ISD, Engadine

Cathy Meyer-Looze,  TBAISD,  Frankfort Elberta

Dr. Amy Kruppe, Hazel Park

Corri Nastasi , Hazel Park

Bridget Schipper,  Oakland Schools, Hazel Park

Melissa Hayes,  Houghton Lake

Ann LaPointe,  Lincoln Park

Lynn Batchelder,  Muskegon Area ISD,  Montague

Alecia Hoppa,  Muskegon Area ISD,  Montague

Tanisha Brooks, Bridgeport-Spaulding

Adam Coco, Carney Nadeau Public School

Pam English, Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences

Tesha Thomas, Eastpointe Community Schools

Rane Garcia,  Muskegon Heights

Amy Henry,  Muskegon Area ISD,  Muskegon Heights

Tammy Hereau,  Delta Schoolcraft ISD,  Nah Tah Wahsh Academy

Beth Brophy,  Calhoun ISD,  Pontiac

Dr. Kimberly Leverette,  Pontiac

Kelley Williams, Pontiac

Dr. Traci Teasley,  MDE, Pontiac

Carol Anthony,  Oakland Schools,  Pontiac 

Lindsey Brindley, EUP ISD, Three Lakes Academy 

Russ Robinson, Wayne RESA,  Van Buren     

Lori Pearson,  Calhoun ISD, Vanderbilt   

Cindy Hunt,  Calhoun ISD,  Vanderbilt

Christine Todd, Jefferson Schools

Tanisha Brooks, Saginaw Public Schools

Janie Strauss, Vassar Public Schools

Kelly Kiss, Vassar Public Schools

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