February 23, 2018

What’s Happening?

The MI Excel Statewide Field Team’s newly created Northern Michigan Professional Learning Hub offers professional learning and support to local districts and ISD/ESAs in both the upper peninsula and the northern lower peninsula as we do in our Lansing location. The intent of this newly created hub is to provide many of the same professional learning opportunities that we currently provide only in Lansing to our friends farther away without the need to drive such long distances to participate. We will use a variety of delivery methods including traditional in-person workshops, online learning, remote access and a new hub and spoke strategy that electronically connects our facilitator and participants to our Lansing hub from the comfort and ease of a northern Michigan location. Chris Parker, Assistant Director of the MI Excel Statewide Field Team, and Chasity Sutton, Coordinator of Professional learning have created this exciting new opportunity and we look forward to this location becoming a vibrant and exciting addition to our level of support for our northern partners.

As a result, you will notice that many of the professional learning events now ask you to choose a location: Lansing or Sault Ste. Marie. Thanks to our partner, the Eastern Upper Peninsula ISD, we have secured space to offer these opportunities to you in northern Michigan. Some events, the BP Superintendents’ Network, MTSS District Networks, the summer institutes, and a few others remain only available in Lansing as we want to ensure that we continue to connect our colleagues together statewide and avoid isolating people who might not otherwise have an opportunity to connect due to geographical constraints.

We hope this new option will continue to meet your needs offering you flexible and convenient ways of to capitalize on our professional learning series of events. 


We have just opened the information pages on the Resource Center for the 2018 Summer Institutes. Topics for sessions are being finalized and we will be posting that information on the site for you to review. Registration beings March 1 for all Blueprint installing districts and will open March 8 statewide. 

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