January 18, 2018


It’s time again to collect the Systems Challenge Survey. As you may recall, the intent is to collect these data twice annually for inclusion in the MI Excel dashboard as well as for the external evaluation of MI Excel, the Statewide System of Support. Please take a look at the information below. This simple survey shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete. Thank you!!!


Systems Challenge Survey

As part of the MI Excel data dashboard, the MI Excel Statewide Field Team in collaboration with Basis Policy Research has developed a brief survey instrument to collect data about perceived system challenges as it relates to MI Excel, the statewide system of support.

The MDE is again requesting that all Intervention Specialists and District Improvement Facilitators complete the survey (found at the link provided below) once for each district that has an identified MI Excel school or a school receiving MI Excel Services as a result of transition plan. Released districts who have chosen not to continue MI Excel services this year should not be included. Regardless of the number identified schools, the survey is written at the district level and should only be completed once for each district with an identified school.

Please complete the brief survey once for each applicable district by February 15, 2018. It is intended in the data collection process that this survey be completed by the IS/DIF and not be a task given to local district leaders.

Here is the link for the Systems Challenges Survey:

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Chandler if you have any questions regarding this survey.

MTSS Facilitator Certification – Cohort III

We are about to launch the third cohort of MTSS Facilitator Certification. This program is primarily geared for districts wishing to implement the MDE’s vision of Multi-Tiered System of Supports in a way that is aligned with the installation of the Blueprint or in a way that uses district systems and building routines as a foundation to support MTSS in non-Blueprint installing districts. Districts or ISD/ESAs who send at least one person to this facilitator certification program receive ongoing support and coaching from the MI Excel Statewide Field Team who will assist you ensuring total alignment between the Blueprint installation work and MTSS. The first session for Cohort III is scheduled for February 6-7 in Lansing. The registration link is provided below for your convenience.

MI Excel Resource Center and Online Warehouse

As you may recall from our Blog post right before the holidays, we’ve launched a new Resource Center and a new Online Warehouse. The old warehouse has been disabled and you no longer have access there. If you haven’t gone to the new Resource Center to check it out and request Online Warehouse Access, please do so right away as all the new tools and all the updates can only be found in the new Online Warehouse.

The new Resource Center and Online Warehouse can be found at:

Online Registration

On February 1st we will launch our new online registration system. This is an amazing new tool and will provide everyone with a much greater ability to track your learning and to make adjustments to your registration. This system will appear on the new Resource Center (see link above) and will require you to create a login and password. If you’ve already created an account and it has been activated to allow you access to the Online Warehouse, that’s all you need to do in preparation for this new system. You will be able to manage all your needs with just one login and password for the entire Resource Center. Stay tuned for more information.

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