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This is the second post of the MI Excel Connector.  It is our intention to regularly utilize this tool to enhance our communication with you and to provide you with greater support as you do the amazing work of supporting districts.  We will over the next several weeks determine how often to send this blog and if you have opinions about the frequency, please let us know.  While we don’t want to flood your mailbox, we also want you to have the information you need without having to ask for it.  

This week’s topic WORK LOGS.

The final submission of work logs for the 2016-2017 fiscal year has been completed.  Thank you so much for being so incredibly efficient with your documentation.  


Tomorrow, I will begin the process of placing work logs in your ISD specific MI Excel Field Documentation Folder 2017-2018.  This is the same folder where we have placed the master service plans and transition service plans that you are in the process of using.  

Work logs will be required for all currently identified or transition districts/schools for whom the ISD/ESA receives RAG funding.  If you want to check the status, please email Dr. Chandler at your convenience.

You will not get an email indicating that work logs have been placed in your folder.  We will simply create a work log folder if it doesn’t exist and populate that folder with work logs.  We will create work logs for all currently identified districts and for districts that are eligible for transition service plans and transition funding.  If you believe that you are missing a work log or if you believe you don’t need a work log for a particular district, please email Dr. Chandler and we can get that fixed.  It may be possible that you and I might have to compare notes as we won’t know for sometime who has accepted transition plans/funding and who has not.  

The actual work log has not changed in the new year fiscal year.  We all got really good at this one; why mess with something that’s working.  Work logs are again due to be posted by the fifth of the month for the work done in the preceding month.  If you haven’t done any work with a particular district, please post ZERO in the time spent section and we will know the work log has been completed but that no work was done with that district/building in that specific month.  Questions about content, etc., with your work logs should be directed to Deb Piotrowski (

We are required to maintain an active list of buildings/districts receiving RAG assistance and who specifically is serving as the Intervention Specialist, District Improvement Facilitator, or School Improvement Facilitator.  As we have questions about who’s serving in which capacity, we will reach out to you individually so we can finalize that list.  That list is updated monthly as changes are made and shared with Bill and Karen at the MDE. We are required to provide that with that level of detail so we will reach out if we have specific questions.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions about work logs, list servs, master building lists, etc.

Thank you for all you do to support Michigan’s children.  It is a pleasure to partner with you in this work.

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