Service Plans 101


This is the inaugural post of the MI Excel Blog.  It is our intention to regularly utilize this tool to enhance our communication with you and to provide you with greater support as you do the amazing work of supporting districts.

This week’s topic Service Plans.

 If you have not completed the ISD/ESA  contact registration form, please use the link below to do so.  We need to know who at your ISD  should receive MI Excel communication as well as who should have access to the secure MI Excel Field Documentation folder..  

ISD/ESA Contact Registration Information 2017-2018

There are two types of service plans this year:  1) service plans for currently identified priority districts, priority schools, and single building priority districts; and (2) transition service plans for released priority districts, priority schools, single building priority districts, focus districts, and focus schools.  As all focus schools have now been released, any focus school/district (released in 2016-2017) is only eligible for the transition service plan option.  There are no currently identified focus schools/districts at this time.

We are in the process of posting Transition Service Plans into the documentation folders. These plans are intended for RELEASED (in 2016-2017)  priority and focus districts who want to continue to receive MI Excel services in 2017-2018.  ISD/ESAs will receive RAG funding for these released districts and the transition service plan documents what support will be provided to these districts.  These plans also make it possible for these districts to receive support and professional learning from the MI Excel Statewide Field Team at no charge.  

Specific instructions about how to complete these plans will be loaded into the Field Documentation Folder.  Competed service plans are simply saved within the MI Excel Field Documentation folder.  Signature pages should be uploaded into MEGS by December 1, 2017.  

If you have questions about the content of the service plan, email Karen Ruple.  If you have questions about the technology, email Dr. Grant Chandler or Heather Heitsch.  

Work Logs

The final submission of work logs for the 2016-2017 fiscal year is due on October 5th.  We will post the new work logs into the appropriate folders by mid-October for the new fiscal year.  Work logs will be required for all currently identified or transition districts/schools for whom the ISD/ESA receives RAG funding.  If you want to check the status, please email Dr. Chandler at your convenience.

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